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Specializing in Jumpers, Gaming and English and Western recreational riding.

At Muddy Creek Meadows, our main goal is to learn while having fun. We also believe that there is more to riding then just the riding portion; therefore, we teach students to groom, saddle, and care for the horses, as well as teaching them to ride. Students will work mainly in the riding ring. Activities will include general riding as well as games and exercises to help enhance the rider’s skills. Trail rides will also be taken to add to the experience, as handling a horse outside the ring and on uneven terrain is a learning experience for all riders. We also offer a variety of showing opportunities for all of our riders.

It is recommended that students attend lessons once a week. We have found that riding at least once a week is best to keep skills fresh in mind.

Students are required to wear an ASTM/SEI approved helmet and a boot with a half inch to an inch heal. Long pants are required.

riding lessons

Beginner Group Lessons – Classes are one hour long and consist of a group of 4-6 students. A one-to-two ration is kept for all beginner classes, in which there is one instructor or assistant per two students. $35 per student, per class on one of our horses.

Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Group Lessons – Classes are an hour and fifteen minutes long. The class consists of one instructor per 5-6 students. $35 per student, per class on one of our horses.

Semi- Private Group Lessons – Classes consist of 3 or more of your family and/or friends. This is a private class scheduled just for your group. The class is one hour long. $45 per student, per class.


Private Riding Lessons – classes are one hour long. Classes are conducted on a one-on-one basis. $60 per rider, per hour on one of our horses.

All class times include grooming, saddling and unsaddling your mount.